Peer Interview

Peer Interview


The suggested role of a Fellow is to represent CIArb in working life, in such a manner as to create respect for CIArb and its work.

The CIArb Byelaws require that candidates wishing to become a Fellow must successfully complete a Peer Interview.

In order to be eligible for the Peer Interview , candidates must have successfully completed the Pathways Programme or an equivalent recognised course of study

The Peer Interview has been designed for candidates to demonstrate:

  • An understanding and appreciation of the workings of CIArb and, where relevant, the Branch and of how the new Fellow can contribute.
  • An understanding and appreciation of the objectives of CIArb and where relevant, the Branch.
  • An understanding and appreciation of CIArb's Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct and its application.

To apply for Peer Interview from Ireland

Please complete the Peer Interview Application Form and return it to Member Services in London.
Please send payment of £200 with your application form to CIArb in London
Once you have been approved by CIArb London the Irish Branch will be notified and the Branch will make contact with you to arrange your peer interview. Peer Interviews are run a number of times per calender year.

Click on Information for Overseas Candidates and the Overseas Peer Interview Registration Form.

Payment details for Peer Interview are available via the following link: 2015 Peer Interview Fees

For enquiries to apply for Peer Interview, please contact Kamal Hussain in London or click here for the main CIArb page for more details