What is the NRA/IFA Scheme?

This is an agreeed procedure for Assessment for Compensation pursuant to agreement between the Department of Transport,  the National  Roads Authority and the Irish Farmers Association.

How does the NRA/IFA Scheme work?

The Landowner/Local Authority writes to the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Irish Branch) for a Request for Assessment Form to commence the proceedings.

The Hon. Secretary of the Branch writes to the Landowner/Local Authority enclosing:- i) Letter to Applicant (Doc. 2);  ii) Explanatory Memorandum (this document);  iii) Request for Assessment Form (Doc. 3).
The Landowner/Local Authority lodges Request for Assessment with the Hon. Secretary.
The Hon. Secretary, upon receipt of the Request for Assessment, furnishes a copy of the Request for Assessment by registered post to the Landowner/Local Authority, together with Letter to Respondent (Doc. 4), the Reply Form (Doc. 5) and Explanatory Memorandum.
The Landowner/Local Authority forwards its completed Reply Form (Doc 5) to the Hon. Secretary.
The Chairman of the Branch writes to both parties (Doc. 6) indicating the name of his/her nominee Assessor and includes his/her Curriculum Vitae (note the Chairman will have already obtained confirmation from the proposed nominee of his/her independence and confirmation of his/her willingness and availability to act).
The Assessor will write to the parties in accordance with (Doc. 9).
Each party will submit, in accordance with the Assessor’s directions, copies of the Reports, intended to be relied upon, to the Hon. Secretary of the Branch who will, upon receipt of both parties’ Reports, forward same simultaneously to the Assessor who will proceed to arrange the hearing.
Following a hearing the Assessor will issue an Assessment. (Doc. 11).