What is the Travel Scheme?

This  is an agreement between some Tour Operators and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Irish Branch to include a  Dispute Clause within the terms and conditions of agreement that  authorises the Chairman at the time being of the CIArb Irish Branch to  Appoint an Arbitrator when a dispute arises that cannot be settled  between parties to the initial contract.

How does  the Travel Scheme work?

The claimant (or his/her representative)  requests the appointment of an Arbitrator to the dispute matter.   This  application will include a brief description of the dispute, a copy of  the original contract, an administration fee, and any other documents  that are relevant to the dispute matter.  The Institute writes to the  Tour Operator and requests the payment of the Arbitrator's fee in  the sum of €800 plus VAT in the case of claims up to €20,000; this fee is €1,000 if the claim is for personal induries in excess of €20,000.  On receipt of this payment the Chairman  proceeds to appoint an Arbitrator to the matter who will contact the  parties directly.

Rules and Guidelines

Request for Appointment of an Arbitrator under Travel Scheme